Dear Customer;

SatCom System is always with aviation passion in mind

We have an outstanding potential here with our technology and heliport, LEPB in the center of Barcelona City.

At LEPB heliport of Barcelona, we have 3 helicopters to make live tests and demos of our video and satellite telecom systems.

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We have very special technology developed under SatCom System brand for: 

- 4K video image in flight satellite transmission for helicopter, anytime, anywhere

- VTOL 3 meters span hydrogen multipurpose drone 

- Wescam and Trakka cameras road traffic in flight for speed control, government approved; unique system without laser, see Transit Helicopter here,

- Satellite voice and DATA telecom encrypted solution; fitted already on Aircraft type:

        - Agusta; Airbus AS355; Westland; Sikorsky; Kazan; Bell helicopter;

        - hydrogen powered drones

        - F-16 and Rafale fighters 

We are the best and years ahead from the market for those very specific technologies.

Download here Satcom documentation for AIRCRAFT/HELICOPTERS and for ARMORED VEHICLES, as well as VTOL DRONES

(you will find the document into DOWNLOAD folder of your computer)


For more information, call or whatsapp at +34 630 822 005

Dominique Teyssier



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